Monday, September 26, 2005

Stay There

Fear. Fear and pain. Those were the only things that could register in her mind. They said that fear could trounce anything, could make sprinters out of the laziest couch potatoes, but even the adrenaline rush couldn't have possibly helped her against this demon...the one that had been chasing her for the past hour.

She'd managed to escape him for the moment, huddling against a small building. Here she looked her aching body over. There were some nasty deep scratches almost all down her arm and wonder she was so weak, she realized with a mental groan. The scratches were all down the veins. All the blood she's losing...

A choked sob escaped her throat, she was going to die.

Knowing this didn't make it any easier as she glanced about, missing the form above her that was drinking in her misery. The demon was athletic and actually quite handsome, except for the golden spines sharply curved upwards. That and the haunting eyes, that normally showed more anger, rage and pain that any mortal could have borne. But this time those emotions were replaced by one of amusement.

He loved torturing his prey. No matter what, the game came even before filling his stomach. Or whatever else he could think of doing to the target beforehand...well, there WAS a reason that he'd selected a female this time...

"Ah, there you are. Don't you think it's time to quit hiding? I mean, I gave you FAR more than the required fifteen seconds..."

With a scream, the girl staggered to her feet on legs that demanded she lay still, and sprinted off. However, this time the demon would have nothing of the sort, and darted after her. Easily, he scooped her off her feet, sinking his claws into her soft flesh and causing a shriek, and immediately took to the air with her.
Somewhere after he'd picked her up, and restrained her struggling, a blue dart began following them on the ground...

The demon took her to a cave and scolded, backhanding her every word,
"Idiot mortal! Did you truly think you could get away from me?" he then threw her against one of the walls of the cave with such force that she was sent through it and into the next cavern. Following, his fists clenching and unclenching, he eyed her over.
Again, he'd made a good choice to his victim. Her species wasn't too weak to be dealt with roughly. Yes, he'd have some fun with her while she was alive, and then have her blood afterward. The golden demon picked her up by the throat and watched as blood trickled down her neck. He couldn't resist any more...

She winced away from him as his tounge began lapping at the blood coming from one of her many wounds near her collarbone. Which turned out being a bad move, as her captor growled and bit down.

"..." he began sipping on her blood again. After a few licks, he murmered, "Your blood is so delicious..." he growled softly, with a dark grin that showed his very intent, "I wonder how the rest of you would taste..?"

Before she could whimper, a shout from the entrance of the cave echoed throughout,
"I saw you come in here! Come out, Super! You know you want me!"

Super Sonic bared his teeth, and looked toward the entrance,
"Sonic...rrrgh...what awful timing you have..." he looks at his victim, hard.
She screamed, as the power seared her broken flesh together. Which seemed to be for nothing because then he slammed her to the ground and stomped her ankle with enough force to break it.

Then he started toward the entrance of the cave, only turning back to warn,
"I haven't even started on you yet, and I'll leave you alive until the very last minute if I must," a snarl, "Stay There."

And he was gone, leaving his victim in too much pain to cry and too much terror to scream.

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