Monday, November 7, 2005

A Demon Run Wild

Watching you go, step by step
I have to wonder where you think you'll get.
No matter the options you decide to take
they'll be the ones I've chosen for you to make!

You never notice you're being guided
in every choice you have; are going to take.
And in this way, I know without doubt
that your soul will be mine--go ahead and talk!

Talk and tell me you choose your own.
Talk and tell me! Heck, have fun!
I'll just lean back and watch you vent
for your soul is mine--you've failed the test!

All the power you take from the jewel...
you don't know that it fuels me yet, or do you?
Bah, whatever, the point is moot.
I'll get your body--to own, not to rent!!

I'll be free on this plane without limit,
free to roam and destroy to my content!
But first I must wait; lure you to your end
mortals are fragile no matter how cunning.

Talk and tell me how you won't lose.
Talk and tell me! You're playing MY rules!
Your fear feeds me better than any power could!
I'm getting to you, with this pounding inside your head!

Come on, boy, it's not that awful bad.
Losing your soul don't hurt, from what victims have said,
and soon enough you will be one of the many
who, under my callings, have and will die!

Mortals are so fun to play with, don't see
how others seem to keep you types to eat...
However I have plans for your body and soul.
So rest easy child, like you always do.

Talk and tell me all your fears.
Talk and tell me! They won't ALL fall on deaf ears!
I sense your desperation as we switch again!
Won't be a next time to be more careful, friend.

Should have learnt before and ago
not to have toyed with something so deep in you.
Besides I lent you my power for a good bit
now it's time for me to fulfill the contract...

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