Monday, February 14, 2005

Bread and Advice

"Why do red eyes call the shot
between acceptance and being left to rot?
If my eyes were sapphire blue
no one would doubt my words are true.

...No, no, my eyes ARE green.
And yes, slitted pupils are what you see.
I'm just irritated, you know?
Some real good people have died, alone.

Blue, green, even yellow
is accepted as elven normal.
Why are red eyes considered dark?!
...Please, excuse me if I sound sharp."

The elf paced round the shop again
and walked back with a loaf of bread,
"Why do you leave this on the shelf?
You're just asking for a theft."

He bought the bread and walked out
almost laughing out loud.
"Of course, those red eyes is what you think,
so you won't blame this loss on me!"

Two ice stones glowing like fire,
six and ten uses together.
And to add to those
seven and twenty charms tied in rows.

Closing his bag, he walked away
into the dark. Later, the owner couldn't
say why he lost those gems.
No red eyed thief had been seen!

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