Monday, June 21, 2004


A heartbeat is the rhythm.
Dance then, darlin'!
Your life is your stage.
Dance away your rage.
      The drums to learn the beat.
      Like you'll never feel the heat.
      Your love is the spotlight.
      In secret, if not real life.
Your mind is the canvas.
Others call it madness.
Continue your work.
Do not allow hurt.
      Your knowledge is your paint.
      You feel your masterpiece ain't.
      Ignore those who cannot see.
      Finish your art, even the 'old tree'.
Your role is yourself.
Keep playing it tough.
Your audience may be a mirror.
But it doesn't really matter.
      Your act is your own.
      Like you're all alone.
      It gets tough; you wish to be alone.
      "The show must go on."
Writer, keep your words flowing.
Keep on going.
Do you write for yourself?
You'll understand what is left.
      It all will want you to stop.
      People may scoff, a lot.
      The effort may well leave you torn.
      If you stop, the critics will have won.

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