Saturday, September 18, 2004

True Worth of Friends

Fallen from lights to darks
the landing bruises the heart.
In the darkness of the shadows,
the bruised one wanders, lost.

"Where is the light? Why am I
trapped in endless lies?
I've lost it all! Nothing remains
for me to keep in memory's savings!"

Looking up, the tears are visible
on the person's face. Weariness
is obvious as the one decides
to control the last of his fate.

Before he can shoot, his life flashes
past. Seeing all the hurt just causes
tears. But, one memory, he's amazed.
"Are those tears of mine from LAUGHING??"

From a mystic rewind, he looks again
and sees himself standing
around with his friends.
Then he sees what really happened.

He looks at the gun,
and remembers his friends.
"I have more than I thought...
this can't be the end!"

The gun lies forgotten,
for the next tempted.
Please, be a friend
to keep death from happening...

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