Monday, January 3, 2005

Walk the Walk

I don't like the spotlight much;
too much brightness and too hard a touch.
Avoiding the punches that come too fast and hard
makes me smart. Not a coward.
With that said, who are you to tell me
from what I should be defending?
I'll defend from what I need,
not just to fight senselessly!

Walk the walk to talk the talk,
don't just sit and run your mouth.
Yes it hurts and could be worse,
so shut up and run your life...

Downtalk yourself you blasted snot!
I don't wanna hear you smarting off.
You think you're so bright? Then try this,
give up all you own at least twice!
Yeah there's worse, I don't wanna hear you,
you're the one who needs to learn the truth.

You have diarreha of the mouth.
Can't shut up no matter what you're on about.
You end up hurting all you know,
and don't understand why they get upset.

One can't know joy until they've tasted grief,
and one can't understand love until they've felt hate.
I won't feel sorry you had to learn this way,
just will hope that it isn't too late.
Now if you love me you'll turn away
because it absolutely has to stay this way.

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