Monday, October 17, 2005

Money Can't Buy a Mind

You raise a mocking laugh, while
taking one look at my old, cheap clothes.
Gah...I know exactly what this is,
as I see you glaring down with your stuck up nose.

Ride in that fancy car;
take a look at mine to scoff,
and then speed away in all your dust,
leaving my old clunker choked off.

You bare all your skin and call
me a "fool", "prude", and "fat".
Goodness though! How can you handle
winter in just THAT?

Aww, are you getting mad as I laugh
while leading you through rounds in this dance?
Okay, okay, sorry! I didn't hear
you say that you're not finished!

...That's just too funny!
You think I'M the stuck up puke?
Nah. I'm not better than EVERYONE...
I'm pleased with just being better than you!

And now you want to know why. Sure.
Who started this bout now?
And who acted like she was Queen since
she had new "clothes" and the dough?

Now go away! Go! Get gone
out from my sight!
Maybe this'll teach you
not to start an idiotic fight!

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