Thursday, August 24, 2006

Demon's Lies

Over cloudy painted skies
an angel stands with bright red eyes.
He has no wings, his halo's bent
and he's studying who came in.

He considers a quick moment
and then steps down, tainting clear liquid.
The gentle "splish" of his steps
brings a youth, the one who entered, to defense.

"Come then 'hero', let's test that pure heart.
Tch, you're a helpless kid. I'll tear you apart!"
The demon stares; all vision becomes weak,
then he's the form of the youth he intends to break.

During the battle the demon seems to know
everything hidden inside the hero.
Even the hate that burns alive
that the kid had worked to make die.

As the devil's angel takes a death blow he gasps
"See...see? Murder...I was right..."
His final wheeze comes from his bloodied throat,
"Heh...'hero'...what a joke..."

The child freezes, chilled with ice
and takes a look into those dull red eyes.
He jumps up and splashes away,
No! ...But all killing is murder...ooohh he's right!

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