Sunday, December 17, 2006


An albino hedgehog with phoenix wings staggers into his interior private rooms, flaring his wings in an effort to keep his balance. His talons click against the marble floor as he makes his way to the nearest seat, which convienently had a pitcher of ice water upon the table beside it.
Sinking into the plush chair, the hedgehog silently thanked whoever had put the pitcher there. As he shakily pours himself a glass of water, he slows his breathing to attempt calming the lightening bolt furor in his mind.

"It's just too hot. That is all," he murmers to himself, voice betraying his body's weakness, "Once you cool down, Naareil, you will be fine. It's too hot for arctic types out there." He lifts the glass from the table, and to his lips. Hesitating before taking a sip, he blinks his eyes to clear the sudden blur of his surroundings and the bluegreen haze everything was getting.
The glass slips from his hand to sing its death cry against the marble flooring, sloshing water everywhere with some freezing on the hedgehog.
He wasn't in a position to care, however. Who minds a little water when they are slumped over anyhow?

White fire, inside and outside living creatures that were melting around it. Two figures, both of unknown specifics, worked to close an open door. They were in a panic as they tried to seal something behind a stone door that led to an impossible maze.
They were too late. A pillar of pure, and painful to attempt looking toward, light shot out from the door, straight upward. It wreathed and flared upwards, whirling madly. Whatever the rays touched were destroyed.
At the peak of its ascent, the pillar formed into a figure with a frighteningly benevolent look on its face. It sang in a bell's voice,
"All the twilight shall kneel to the light of the true Goddess!"


The hedgehog woke up with a start as he looked around at the room. All normal, all calm...then he looks down toward the floor. After a second he looked at himself, then back to the broken glass.

"The housekeeper is going to kill me..!"
Though, that would be more merciful than learning what my vision meant...oh gods, who is betraying us?

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