Sunday, March 11, 2007

Now to Show You

You regret that you met me?
Tch, the victims always do.
But you came to the jewel!
Not, as you say, me to you.

You could have chosen,
have just walked away.
Did you really think I'd give you power,
without you becoming my slave?

If you had that day over...
what is it now that you'd say?
You knew I'd control you,
would you really challenge me that day?

Your soul belongs to me,
as does every thought.
It's far too late, hah!
You know that we shall NEVER part.

The madness and voices,
those are all given by me.
The dark dreams in sleep;
you'll wonder how you're living!

Try to fight me.
Heh, yeah, I know you will.
Let me take you by hand...
And now I'll show you to Hell!

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