Saturday, January 5, 2008

Testing by Fire

Please love, just wait for me.
I'll get this spell loose, torn by the seam!
...By the Fires, I pray that I won't be late.
Asking you to come here was a terrible mistake.
Please, please keep fighting what you see,
living without you is a curse I don't want to repeat!

The Mount's infernos, what must I do?!
To lose you now?! It--it's too soon!
Remember, we were going to tease him,
you know, Blsi, he bet me to ten?
I've already lost once, please,
don't do it again...use the wind's strength!

There's one who I have asked, h-he said he'd
check and see. One he knows may know this weave.
Your not being by my side has weakened me...
my flames even feel cold--MY flames! Please..!
Whoever spat this one out is going to pay!!
I swear this! And swear to you Mount Telei's flames!

...Why. Why is it only now that I can say
how much you mean to me, and not to your face?
Y-you must know! You have to! Hells, I bound with you!
Jivap, don't give up, please hold strong,
I don't want to have to sing your final song.
I'm going to get you out of this, give me time
to work with it. Please, my love, I...

If you wake up with this work being done
and find this letter, let it be known.
I may hate the flight, I may be odd.
But all I have to give to you is my love...

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